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Air Purifier

Air Purifier


Power Source Electrical
Certification CS HC
Gross Weight Net 695gms
Voltage 100V-250V
Anion Dessity 50-6 HZ >3.0x1000000pcs/cms
Ozone Output <0.02ppm
Material Used ABS Plastic

In our daily life, there are many polluted things around us, like anomaly carbon granule, soot, silicon dioxide granule, carbon fly ash, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, iron oxide fly ash, gypsum crystals, etc. You can clearly sense that there are a layer of ash on the table if you do not clean the house for a few days. These harmful materials are endangering our health, patients with wild condition occur pharynx aches, cough, make us entered inferior health, whole day is downhearted. Consequent on, our body's immune system decline, and will generate a lot of physical and psychological illness, serious impact on the quality of work and life. HG-502 adopts electrostatic filter technology to make the air clean, is the upgrade of HEPA technology. The advantages are low wind-resistance, high efficiency, high dust holding, and the most important is safety It can effectively obstruct the particle pollution which more than 0.1 micron, such as stive, allergens, bacterial, pet dander, pollen, etc.

Air purifier applies forthese places : 

  • The place just to decorate or renovated;
  • The place where elder, child, gravida, newborn live in;
  • The place where the asthma, allergic rhinitis and pollen allergy person live in;
  • The dwelling place of feeding pets and live stocks;
  • In a less open or affected by secondhand smoke place;
  • Hotels or public locations;
  • The dwelling place that people who want to own a high quality life;
  • Hospitals, can reduce the infection and prevent the transmission of diseases.

Material Circumstance : 

  • Fast purification: In the preliminary stage of running air purifier, it is suggested that running in the max wind-speed for at least 30 minutes, then transform to other gear, in order to achieve the rapid air purification effect.
  • Purifying contaminated: When use air purifier to remove the outdoor air pollutants, it is suggested that keep the doors and windows in a relatively closed condition, in order to avoid the decline of purification effect under the indoor and outdoor air interaction flow. After long time use, periodic ventilation should be paid attention to.
  • Decorate purification: If used to purify indoor gaseous pollution brought by the decoration (such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene), suggest effective ventilation before using.
  • Guaranteed results: Replace or clean the filters on a regular basis to ensure the purify effect of purifier. At the same time, to avoid the secondary emissions of failure filter pollutants.
  • Unused for a long time: Before starting again, long-term unused air purifier should be checked the cleanliness degree of inwall and filter condition, then do the relative cleaning work. If necessary, replace the filter.

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